w h a t   i s   t h e   c o n s u m e r o l o g y   r e p o r t

w h a t   i s   t h e
c o n s u m e r o l o g y  
r e p o r t

A Quarterly survey of 1500 English and French Canadians on a wide range of macro trends commissioned by Toronto-based advertising agency Bensimon Byrne. It is the only regularly fielded proprietary research of significant scale being offered by any advertising agency in Canada, providing insight into how macro trends impact consumer behaviour and purchase decisions. Past reports include: Economic trends (annual); Environmental Issues; The Density Divide; New Canadians - New Consumers; Technology; Corporate Social Responsibility; Retirement.

l a t e s t   r e p o r t

l a t e s t
r e p o r t


November 2015  |  Issue 25

a l l   r e p o r t s

Economic Update

February 2015  |  Issue 24


November 2014  |  Issue 23

Economic Update

May 2014  |  Issue 22

Drivers of Consumer Trust

April 2014  |  Issue 21

Gender Myths & Realities

September 2013  |  Issue 20

Economic Trends and Consumer Behaviour

May 2013  |  Issue 19

How Canadians Perceive and Receive Advertising

March 2013  |  Issue 18

What Canadians Think About Real Estate

January 2013  |  Issue 18

what canadians think about advertising

January 2013  |  Issue 18

Advertising Approaches

December 2012  |  Issue 18

Economic Mini-Report

November 2012  |  Issue 18

Customer Service

August 2012  |  Issue 17

Economic Trends and Consumer Behaviour

April 2012  |  Issue 17